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So I'm cleaning house a bit, getting things organized around here, mainly because I've been having a lot of down time at work, which makes me create more, which makes me want this DA to be a bit nicer. It gets a bit messy if you've had a DA account for like 7 years and you've never played with the settings. I'll probably post my t-shirt designs here later as well.

Also, vaguely thinking about deleting my older stuff. I like having it around because I like seeing how far I've come. However, simply because it's fan art, that's like all I get favs on. Makes me wanna shake people and go "NO! IT'S CRAP, STOP LIKING MY CRAP!". Any opinions?
Eristhan Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2011
Personally... keep the old stuff. One of the most awe-inspiring things to me is watching someone grow. But, I may be a month late on telling you this. >.>;;;
Kuria Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2011  Professional Artist
Everything's still up, I just moved the worst of it (and the awful fanart I KEEP getting favorited on) to my scraps.
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