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September 13, 2011


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  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Fever - Michael Buble
  • Reading: March to the Sea - David Weber and John Ringo
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So I'm cleaning house a bit, getting things organized around here, mainly because I've been having a lot of down time at work, which makes me create more, which makes me want this DA to be a bit nicer. It gets a bit messy if you've had a DA account for like 7 years and you've never played with the settings. I'll probably post my t-shirt designs here later as well.

Also, vaguely thinking about deleting my older stuff. I like having it around because I like seeing how far I've come. However, simply because it's fan art, that's like all I get favs on. Makes me wanna shake people and go "NO! IT'S CRAP, STOP LIKING MY CRAP!". Any opinions?
Personally... keep the old stuff. One of the most awe-inspiring things to me is watching someone grow. But, I may be a month late on telling you this. >.>;;;
Kuria Oct 1, 2011  Professional Artist
Everything's still up, I just moved the worst of it (and the awful fanart I KEEP getting favorited on) to my scraps.
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